What to expect when seeing Dr Hayden Waterham

Continuity, communication and privacy are very important parts of caring for you. Please bring the following information to your first consultation. If any of your personal details change please let us know.

  1. A referral from your GP. This allows our practice to communicate relevant information to your local doctor who can be part of your journey. A valid referral (12 months for GPs and 3 months for specialists) also allows a rebate from medicare which will decrease the overall cost of your care.
  1. Your medicare card (or a copy/photo) so we can record the number.
  1. Your private health insurance details. Remember private health insurance is only relevant for in hospital procedures or tests. Private health insurance is not relevant for antenatal care or gynaecology outpatient visits. Private health insurance is relevant if you require a surgical procedure or deliver a baby in a private hospital. See information on fees.
  1. Relevant tests including bloods, screening tests, previous operation reports. Some women have a health/pregnancy folder or file which contains the original reports. Some of this information is very useful and can decrease the overall cost to the health system by avoiding duplications. We may make a copy of your reports for our files and then return the originals to you.

We request all new patients fill out our new patient details and our privacy policy. These two forms can be filled out prior to consultation or while you are waiting.

Hayden does not communicate with patients en masse via social media. He takes patient privacy very seriously and will not share any details without your signed consent.

A first consultation will take between 30-60 minutes and will involve discussing your health history and being examined. This examination may take the form of examining the abdomen, vulva, vagina and cervix if relevant. A bedside ultrasound examination of the uterus, ovaries, tubes and pelvis may also be required for gynaecological conditions. A detailed ultrasound of the developing baby is usually performed at every visit for pregnant women.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Contact us.