Social Media

I caution pregnant women on relying too heavily on social media. In general, social media platforms have been very successful in collecting and selling your data, selling you products and providing powerful visual imagery. Women are obviously free to post whatever material they see fit but I am cognisant of the consequences of unmet expectations and the pressure some women feel when social media starts to dictate pregnancy norms.

I do not participate in social media personally or professionally. I like truth and honesty about the human experience and I respect an individuals privacy and will therefore not comment, post or share any information or images pertaining to my caring for pregnant patients. I am happy to be “reviewed” or “rated” as a doctor and I often ask my patients how I can improve the service I offer. Feel free to simply tell me what you think. Tell me how I can provide a better service, more rational information or more value.

I am unconvinced medical care should be advertised and sold via social media despite its phenomenal success in other areas. I accept social media can play a vital role in distributing educational material which can empower women by keeping them informed. I occasionally participate in such educational videos for medical students, midwives or lecture series. Some such videos will appear my website.

My hope is that the public in general can start to differentiate the rank, false and desperate sales tactics from the genuine benefits of being connected to a caring community.