Early Pregnancy and Miscarriage

Hayden provides expert early pregnancy ultrasound services. He is experienced in the management options for miscarriage and the investigation and management of recurrent miscarriage.

Hayden is involved in teaching midwives, GPs, medical students and trainee obstetrician’s early pregnancy ultrasound. The follow video was produced as part of a series of talks to these groups. This short video aims to give an indication of what to expect from ultrasound in a normal pregnancy.

Miscarriage is tragically common and can present in many different ways. The following video was produced to help educate those involved in providing care to women. It aims to make clear the strict ultrasound criteria for miscarriage and the different experiences women may have.

It can be more efficient with improved continuity and less cost to have a consultation, ultrasound and discussion of management in one visit. Women do not need to have an outside ultrasound prior to attending the appointment. Please bring a referral if it is your first visit to see Hayden. Referral allows a rebate to be obtained from Medicare. The fee for consultation, ultrasound and discussion of management is $250. When rebates are factored in the out-of-pocket cost is about $100-$150.

Useful Links to Miscarriage Information

Academic article on ultrasound criteria of miscarriage.
Mizia, K., Campbell Westerway, S., Robertson, M., Parry, E., Paoletti, D., Perry, D., Ramkrishna, J., Macpherson, L. and Condous, G. (2018), Guidelines for the performance of the first trimester ultrasound. Australasian Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine, 21: 179-182.

Miscarriage and perinatal loss support services.

Early Pregnancy & Miscarriage Treatment Melbourne